David Fernández Gutiérrez

Sailing boats always have been tremendously inspiring for me. They involve so much physics, and at the same time transmit a sensation of beauty, sustainability, and freedom that few other technologies do. Following the top sailing competitions is one of my hobbies, and I had the  opportunity of volunteering in the America's Cup, the most prestigious trophy in sailing, when the event was held in San Francisco.


Playing soccer, biking, and hiking are always the preferred choice in my free time! I also love board games, which always lead to a great time with family and friends. I started as a kid playing chess, so strategy games are my favorites. Finally, whenever I have the chance, there is nothing I enjoy more than traveling and exploring the world.


One picture is worth 1000 words (or even more if we count the number of bytes...), and luckily I love taking photos! The following gallery contains good examples of the above.

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