David Fernández Gutiérrez

My research interests involve numerically modeling physical phenomena, generally related to fluid and structural mechanics. In fact, most engineering problems require predicting the response of complex solid structures, which are either immersed on a fluid or in the inter-phase between fluids.

The following list gathers the most relevant projects in which I have been involved during my professional career. Looking forward, I plan to keep focusing on fluid-structure interaction and performance optimization, with applications to renewable energies, structural design, and additive manufacturing.



CFD, SPH, Fluid Mechanics, Naval Architecture, Marine Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Research Scientist, Ocean Engineering, Offshore, Marine renewable energy, Dynamic Positioning, Hydrodynamic analysis, Aerodynamics, Structural design, Numerical simulations, Analysis, Programming, ANSYS Fluent, Star CCM+, C++, Fortran, MATLAB, LabVIEW


ROBOAT: Transforming Amsterdam's canals with a fleet of autonomous boats

  • Lead designer of the hull shape and structure for the full-scale prototype
  • Developed the control system for autonomous docking and latching in multi-vessel operations

Analysis of the impact of double curvature on fish propulsion

  • Expanded in-house re-meshed vortex with penalization CFD code to include flapping fins with time-varying simultaneous chordwise and spanwise curvature

Development of new CFD simulation tools for the hydrodynamic performance of horizontal axis marine current turbines

  • Implemented in MATLAB and C/C++ a hybrid SPH-Voronoi particle method for fluid simulations with moving boundaries (Ph.D. project)
  • Implemented in F77 a panel method to simulate the flow through a current turbine, including nozzle and diffusers (M.S. project)

Analysis of LBNL-Advanced Light Source mirror cooling induced loads to mitigate vibrations through geometry modifications, modeled in ANSYS Fluent

SeaDP: Seaplace Dynamic Positioning System

  • Involved in the product design from its conception to the final installation on board and its sea trials (software implementation in LabVIEW, control design, and integration of GPS, IMU, Gyro, Anemometer, and real time controller units)
  • Designed and implemented the Operation Station User Interface

Project OCEAN LIDER: Leaders in Ocean Energy Technologies

  • Worked on the conceptual design of a new tension-tethered Marine Current Turbine
  • Collaborated in the preparation of the experimental tests in the CEHIPAR model basin

Project EOLIA: Development of floating solutions for Offshore Wind Turbines

  • Investigated the viability of new floating solutions (construction and maintenance costs, efficiency, operational & technical feasibility)
  • Part of the design team of their mooring system (configuration, materials, & anchoring)

Detail ship outfitting design of the cable layer vessel North Ocean 102 (length 137 m, breadth 27 m, deadweight 10,000 tons)

  • 3D-modeled its piping system in the integrated CAD/CAM/CAE environment FORAN
  • Supplied the shipyard with manufacturing and installation drawings

Experimental and numerical analysis of the interference resistance in multihulls to reduce drag

  • Performed simulations using Star-CCM+ to predict the effect of separation and hull shape
  • Performed tests on the CEHINAV and CEHIPAR towing tanks to validate the numerical results

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